List of Unique App Ideas for Irish Startups & Small Businesses | KleverApps

List of Unique App Ideas for Irish Startups & Small Businesses | KleverApps

A successful app from a startup or small business quite naturally banks on primarily great app ideas.

John Waters KleverApps’s CEO

The mobile app ideas should be unique and least competitive so that a business can get traction quickly.

But having great app ideas for startups is not so simple. It is mainly because the app business has already come of age and you can hardly think of any crucial need for life and business that is not covered by an app. Despite this, apps with new and less competitive ideas are constantly hitting the stores creating opportunities for businesses to thrive.

When it comes to shaping innovative app ideas, Ireland based app development companies and businesses in recent years have offered us several successful projects. They have become inspirations for many developers and businesses around the world.

Let us offer here some innovative startup app ideas to shape your digital footprint.

Parking Space Finder App

Big cities and travel destinations attracting people from all around and faraway places often struggle to offer enough parking spots for everyone. Cities particularly with a higher density of population often suffer from high demand for parking lots as the same constraints force people to park their vehicles in unauthorized spots.

This is where a unique app can effectively help in finding parking spaces. Such an app can be extremely helpful in detecting parking spaces based on your journey and location. The app can also detect parking spaces based on the peak hours and available time for parking. The app can also guide you in advance to choose areas for parking based on traffic congestion and demands.

App for Public Transport

All of us have faced the difficulties of moving around a new city, especially by using public transport. When travelling in a faraway place you may not have any idea about the bus routes and best modes of transport to reach destinations faster. A mobile app-based guide for public transport can be the best answer to help people find their transport in different cities.

You can consider developing a public transport app with a variety of filters corresponding to cost, transportation time, area of transport, comfort level, etc. The same app can also allow commuters to track the vehicles in real-time for moving in and around the city with ease. Look for a startup app development company with experience in real-time tracking and fleet management technologies for such projects.

Virtual Cook App

It is one of the lucrative mobile app ideas for startups. You may not know cooking but since there is online help available right at your fingertips, you can be tempted to cook and give your near and dear ones a surprise with a sumptuous meal. Well, instead of browsing a lot of YouTube videos, just a simple virtual cooking app can be very helpful for this.

Apart from giving clear instructions on the basics of cooking, it should give guidance on all sorts of recipes belonging to different cuisines. The app can also allow the users to choose their preferred cuisines, tastes, ingredients and cooking methods by using a variety of filters. To make things more interesting, you can also add a healthy alternative and a cheaper alternative to most recipes.

Price Comparison App

Most people prefer buying online these days simply because they can compare the prices of products in real-time before hitting the “Buy” button. People also prefer to compare prices for both online and offline choices before buying from their local store. No doubt, comparing prices saves a lot of money for the shoppers across all niches.

Instead of googling around, people will feel delighted with a price comparison app showing comparative market prices of all products and brands. When building a price comparison app, always try to make it as exhaustive and comprehensive as possible to make sure that no product choice is left out for comparison. Another way to stand apart is to provide a price comparison for a niche that is still not covered by other apps.

Contact Tracing App

The entire concept of digital contact tracing for curbing the onslaught of a contagion came to the limelight during the time of the Covid crisis. Thanks to real-time contact tracing many governments around the world could curb the spread of the virus successfully. A contact tracing app allows successfully detecting the source of the infection and all the people who might be infected by the virus.

As the COVID-19 crisis became an eye-opener to the health establishments and administrative departments around the world, the popularity of contact tracing apps is likely to grow. There are already several such contact tracing apps in the market. To shine above these lesser equals, you can add some unique features like vaccination tracking and real-time body temperature tracking.

Packers & Movers App for Fragile & Perishable Items

There is no dearth of packers and movers app that allows packing goods and transporting them across locations. Most of these packers and movers apps allow making choices based upon location and budget preferences. If you are looking for app ideas for small businesses, rather build an app for customers who need packing and transporting highly fragile, perishable or sensitive items that other such service providers refuse to accept.

When creating an on-demand app for packing and transporting such items, you need to have an expert team with huge experience in handling perishable and fragile goods.

Bike Servicing App

Just as we search and book cabs through mobile, we should also be able to call service professionals to repair our bikes and two-wheelers. Instead of waiting in a queue at the authorised service centres, such an app will help to provide repair and maintenance service at the doorstep and upon request from the users.

Such an on-demand app should allow door-step pick-up and drop services before and after the service. You need to create the app with a superb in-built inventory management tool that easily reduces the waiting time.

Disaster Management App

Disasters and calamities are situations that easily go out of human control and all we can do is to pray and use all resources to curb the effects of the disaster on fellow human beings. But we often forget that for saving lives from inevitable disasters the most important thing is to send prior alerts to people. There are many examples of successful disaster management when authorities by sending alerts could successfully evacuate people before cyclones, floods or tsunamis hit shores.

Why not build an intelligent disaster management app that can send alerts to people for timely evacuation and precautionary measures. By using the latest technologies you can build a mobile app that can automatically send alerts to the users sensitising them regarding an impending natural disaster. For app development in Ireland, this idea can be a natural choice. The same app can also help people with all necessary life-saving tips and practical guidance to come out alive from a life-threatening condition. The app will start working as soon as someone from a disaster hit the location sends an SOS message with the location and other important details.

Fuel & Gas Delivery App

An on-demand app for fuel and gas delivery will help people get fuel when they need it and where they need it without facing any trouble. The app should ensure an easy and smooth registration to help users get their desired amount of gas or fuel at their address.

Such an app can cater to commercial vehicles and fleet management and logistics companies also. An app like this can also incorporate the maintenance services such as car washing, engine cleaning, oil change, etc along with fuel and gas delivery.

Last Mile Delivery Management App

The last mile delivery remains to be the most important part of any logistics delivery process. The efficiency of a logistics solution mainly depends upon the performance and timeliness of the last-mile delivery of the goods. A mobile app particularly crafted for last-mile delivery needs can be immensely effective for logistical delivery.

An app for last-mile delivery can help in the timely delivery of goods by route optimisation, streamlined dispatches of goods, and a real-time view of the entire delivery process. Besides giving a sense of relief to the management, such an app also makes the job of drivers easier with features like real-time tracking, smooth onboarding, and transparent delivery proof. Customers can also track their packages in actual time and get updates simultaneously.

Scan and Shop App

These days, mobile apps are increasingly blurring the gap between online and offline shops. You have seen a product online, scanned its image and now you can search it in the nearby store by using the online app. You can also take a snap of a product available offline and search by using the image to find the same online.

Through a scan and shop app, finding products and buying them become easier than ever before. A scan and shop app will also list several similar products based upon your image search and you can choose the most suitable one. Such an app will help you to create a robust marketplace where people simply can search through images and get access to similar product choices across niches.

App for Expiry Date Tracking

It is almost common for all of us to use products that have gone past their expiry dates. Tracking expiry dates for everything seems to be a tiring task considering the huge number of items that we purchase and consume. To help consumers track the expiry dates quickly and effectively, you can create a dedicated expiry date tracker app.

Such an app idea can be tremendously beneficial for customers, especially when they purchase consumable items. On the other hand, such an app helps maintain the quality standard for all perishable food items.

A Custom Interior Design App

For people relocating to new office spaces or residences, custom design of the interior is very popular. If you can provide them with an app that helps them plan the interior without hiring an expert designer, they won’t mind spending on your app.

For an app like this, you can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) technology to allow your users to place their furniture and furnishing options within their newly bought homes or new workplaces and make a judgment. Allow them to customise in as many ways as possible and that is the best way to keep them engaged for hours.

Music for Your Mood App

We no longer tune in to the radio and wait for the song track that perfectly matches our mood. We just find our favourite songs right on our mobile and listen. But at times, we just struggle to find a song that perfectly surprises us with momentary delights. This is when an app that plays music for our mood can bring an interesting twist.

How deeply you allow your users to search for music based on mood, is what remains important for the success of an app like this. You can also intuitively suggest music based on users browsing patterns, cultural attributes, etc. Incorporating an AI-based neural engine will help you build a better app to find the perfect content for every user’s mood.

App for Live Video Tutorial

There are several great apps for live video streaming and there is no dearth of apps that allow conducting classes or meetings live through live streaming. But still, live video tutorial apps have a great future simply because people in the post-Covid days are more accustomed to remote learning than ever before.

The market for live tutorials or remote online classes is constantly expanding and experiencing stupendous growth. How you can tap on this evolving market opportunity with a unique live tutorial app, you need to figure out.


All the innovative and not-so-common app ideas that we described so far can help you shape your dream-come-true business. You need to hire a development company with proven expertise in building innovative startup apps and with the required skills for your app project.

Over the years, KleverApps has positioned itself as one of the leading app development companies with a long list of innovative apps that became benchmarks and milestones in their respective niches. If you are searching for the ideal company to shape your unique app idea into reality, you have landed in the right place.

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