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When establishing an app development, start by making preparations. Your app development needs to be based on solid research, clear objectives, goals, and a clear strategy with a decent approach that can produce engagement and revenue, just like our app developers in Ireland provides.

The mobile app industry is expected to produce over $800 billion in 2022 as mobile users spend 4.2 hours a day on their phone apps which is 89.2% altogether.

Before starting app development, one must ensure that there must be solid rooted research based on the current market scenario, latest trends, people’s choice for the type of applications they are comfortable with, and many more. A clear goal will give you crystal and precise planning to convert them into execution.

Five Essential Steps to Follow Before Commencing Mobile App Development –

Without further delay, all the stages dedicated to app development planning are required to ensure that the money invested in the app development will lead to substantial results.

Understanding the Market

Understanding the market is essential before beginning the app development process. Everything, from the design to the application’s features, will be based on the user’s preference. You need to be aware of the apps that people frequently use in their everyday lives. Applications that are challenging and hard to use will get negative reviews from the public. Before starting the app development process, mobile app development services include the following keynotes based on their market research:

1. Your target audience’s – Gender, Age, and other crucial factors like interest, hobbies, etc.

2. Research top-ranked applications which are similar to your application  

3. What is the audience’s problem, and how can your app provide them with their needy solution?

4. You must know the current market slackness and how your app can cure it.

Choose your technology and app’s wireframe

After researching, it is time to begin the app development process. Wireframes function as an application’s blueprint and present an overview of your application’s functioning, design, functionality, execution, and interface. Since dictating with words is insufficient until they are proven or delivered, you can also use it as a reference for your team and developers to grasp your actual vision. The types of applications among which you should select one to develop are listed below:

  • Web Applications – A Web application (Web app) is an application program supplied over the Internet via a browser interface and hosted on a remote server. Examples – Online forms, Word processors, Shopping carts, Spreadsheets, File conversion, Video, and Photo editing, File scanning, and Email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo.  
  • Native Applications – Native Applications can be operated only on a particular platform like –  IOS or Android, with their specific platform’s coding. Examples – Xcode, Android Studio, WhatsApp, Facebook, and React Native. 
  • Hybrid Applications – Hybrid apps are just native app shells placed around web apps.  Once downloaded from an app store and installed locally via a browser provided in the app, the shells can connect to any features the mobile platform supports. Examples – Devices camera, Push notifications, Calendar, etc.

Monetization Options

There’s always an aim behind any app development: to earn through an app. Making money from your particular app can vary in several types, but it requires detailed study and research about monetization options and policy. You must be aware of the types of monetization options you can include in your application to earn money through it and receive revenue in return for your hard work. Present monetization options are as follows –

  • Paid Downloads – Not in most applications, paid downloads are the primary source of income generation, but several applications have where applications charged a one-time paid download fee.
  • In-app purchase – In-app purchase is the procedure where the application will be free-to-use for everyone but will have additional features that will be chargeable. Users can have other features by simply purchasing premiums available in the application to unlock the features as per their demand, and it’s optional.
  • Ad-Revenues – One of the most common ways to monetize your applications is through ad revenues, where a particular company or application pays you for displaying their adverts on your applications. Your application serves as an advertising platform for other apps, and the more active users on your platform, the more revenue you can generate.  
  • Subscription option – A subscription option is the most famous and in-use monetization option that provides you the opportunity to keep your customers in touch with you always. This option is used by many OTT giants like – Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., where users have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to receive the value you are providing them.

Marketing of an Application 

Marketing is not only limited to the business but also plays a vital role in the application. Without planning your application marketing, you can’t receive the traffic and goal that you are willing to have. Having an application marketing plan working on the ground level even before the app is ready to ship can be a valuable asset for you. While your app is still being developed and distributed, your ongoing marketing campaign will promote it online and highlight its features. This will engage and gather the crowd in advance for your application so that you will have active users to buy at the execution time.


It’s time to provide your mobile app development with a necessary and desirable structure once it is completed and has passed the usability test. It’s time to share your dream with the world, but before its deployment, you must download and test it several times to ensure it is user-friendly. After doing the necessary steps to help the users with your creations, your application is now ready to be launched to the Google Play Store.

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