How Much Does it Cost for Developing an App in 2021?

How Much Does it Cost for Developing an App in 2021?

A ‘client call’ mostly starts with – “What type of app do you want to develop?” & commonly ends with “How much does it cost to develop an app like that?”

Don’t you agree?

This article will help you determine how much does it cost for developing an app in 2021, as cost-related questions are always asked by our clients quite frequently. Therefore we see that many businesses feel the pressure to go digital. But at the same time, they desire to do it in the most cost-efficient way possible. And, why should they not?

Based on our 15+ years of experience, here’s the cost breakdown of mobile app development:

A simple app cost around €10000 – €20,000
A middle-level complex app cost around €20,000 – €50,000
A complex app cost around €50,000 – €3,00,000

Simple, Mid-Level & Complex mobile app development cost estimation

If you want to get a clear idea of how much does it cost to build an app based on the vision you have, along with the ideation, development & deploying the optimum technologies that ideally compile to your need,

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In a nutshell, prices can vary as per your app product.

Now the question is – How will you determine the app cost?

How to Determine the Mobile App Development Cost?

Here’s a simple formula we at KleverApps use to derive the cost estimation for mobile app development in Ireland.

:: Mobile Application Development Cost Formula ::
App Development Time * Type of App * Hourly Rate

The ‘app development time’ includes the number of months a developer would need to develop your app.

The ‘type of app’ includes the factors that affect the mobile application development cost: platform, category, complexity, technological stack, UI, animation, & the total number of features.

The ‘hourly rate’ consists of the hourly rate a developer would charge to work on your project. According to Statista, in Eastern Europe, the hourly charge of developers is around €35 – €45 for iOS, Android & Windows development.

Here are some factors mentioned below by kleverApps, an app development Ireland company that determines Ireland’s app development cost.

What Factors Influence the Mobile App Development Cost in Ireland

mobile app development cost in Ireland

Mobile App Development Platforms

Let’s assume you have a ‘killer’ app idea, and for that, you will need a solid platform to back up your product. There are two types of the platform which you can choose from:

  • Native platform
  • Cross-platform

The platform you choose primarily affects your cost. If you go for native app development – you will have to develop separate apps for iOS & Android.

Native apps offer better performance, give great consistency, and are super reliable compared to any other type. But developing native apps means developing two sets of code – iOS & Android, which means two sets of development costs. It has been seen that Android developer accounts to the highest-paid developers with an average salary of $95.7k. iOS developers are also not far behind, with an average salary of $90.6k.

Cross-platforms apps are known for reaching out to a larger audience because it makes your app compatible with many platforms. With single coding mechanisms, unlike native apps – cross-platforms are a cost-effective solution.

If you want reliability, go for the Native platform & if you want a cost-effective solution, cross-platforms are a good way. Choose wisely because 29% of users abandon the app if they don’t find it suitable.

Complexity of Mobile App Development

The complexity of an app comes under the type of apps. Complexity is primarily divided into three types – simple, mid-level & complex.

Developing Simple Mobile Application

Simple mechanism apps could be built in just 4-10 weeks with minimum features. With a maximum of 5 screens & basic UI without custom elements, these apps come under MVP development and are considered by startups mainly.

Thus, according to mobile application Ireland’s development cost, basic functionality app will roughly account for €10000 – €20,000.

Developing API/Database Driven Mobile Applications

API or database-driven apps come under mid-level apps. A bulk of data needs to be stored on a device or a web server in database-driven apps. Such apps may take a longer time to develop, becoming a complex task for developers.

However, mobile app developers in Ireland remarks that Database driven apps require features from the phone such as using the phone’s camera or internet connection or maybe access to the gallery, which directly affects the cost of developing an app in Ireland.

Also, if we talk about API driven apps, then API driven apps are all the rage in the market. Such apps hold the benefit of working on multiple platforms driven by an API in the backend. In addition, it allows users to access their app’s data from anywhere in the world. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are outstanding examples of APIs driven apps.

If your app idea requires API integration, then your cost of developing a mobile app in Ireland is likely to sky-high. According to our ballpark figures of how much does it cost to develop an app for API or database-driven apps cost around €20,000 – €50,000.

Developing Gaming Mobile Apps

Here we come to the most complex app type. Games hold 88% of the Play store’s downloads. But yes, they come at the highest cost of developing a mobile app in Ireland. A game’s storyline is filled with visually attractive graphics, leading to more average mobile app development costs.

According to the Irish app development cost, – a game includes many advanced features, for instance, AR-VR integration, 3D visualisations, social media integration. Adding such functionalities inflates the mobile app development cost estimation when it comes to games.

Besides in games, the app complexity level is also top-notch, leading to more development time than all the other types, directly affecting the average cost estimation of mobile app development. But let’s not forget that games bring in more profit than any other app type. If you’re thinking of developing then, your estimated budget should primarily be €50,000 – €3,00,000.

Mobile App Development Features that Drive Costs

Coming to the essential part of mobile application development cost estimations, mobile app features directly affect the entire cost of developing the mobile app.

There’s no doubt that the charms of an app come from the number of features the app has. If you want to add more features, you will likely increase an app development cost, especially in Ireland.

We recommend that if you are trying to build a startup, then keep the features minimalistic. Once you gain initial users feedback, then add more features if required.

We advise you to slowly bring updates with more features & that will improve your chance of getting a better Return on Investments (ROIs).

Mobile App UI Designs & Animations

An application that is easy to use, attractive will have a better UI and would have animations in it. Application with gestures, animations, and high visual effects attracts more audience than any other app, but also such apps need to have increased investments in their stride.

Games are the costliest. Why? Because games need to be highly interactive and thus require a lot of animation & special UI effects, which affects the mobile application development cost breakdown.

Mobile App Development Technological stack

The technological stack comprises the technology which backs your project. If it’s a highly advanced technology, it’s likely to attract more costs and users.

If you choose to develop a native application, you will have to pay for two different tech stacks. Because the tools & technology for Android & iOS are various.

IOS has Apple Push Notification Service & Android has Firebase Cloud Messaging, leading to two sets of costs if you want to integrate push notifications.

Mobile Application Customization

According to the Irish app development cost system in 2021, clients also want customized solutions. If any client wants a bespoke solution, then the development cost also depends on the customization incorporated.

Post-launch App Development Costs in Ireland

Post-launch Mobile Application Development Costs

At this stage, your app would be live in the market, getting downloaded & would be rocking the App Stores. But that’s not the end to your app journey – you will need to have a post-launch plan to keep your app topping the App Stores & keep getting more users.

Mobile App Marketing & Promotion

Your app needs to be made visible on the app stores; thus, a lot of marketing would be needed. Promotion & marketing costs around €3,000 – €8,000. You will have to reach out to SEO guides to help you make your app top the charts. To promote your app into the market, you will have to reach out to bloggers and offer them promotional codes shared among their followers.

Mobile Application Maintenance Cost

Once after launch, your app will need constant updates to keep it up to date. There’s a possibility that with more users downloading your app, your app may face some kinds of bugs. You will have to spend €3,000 – €5,000 on fixing such bugs and keep your app maintained for your users.

To keep things clear, we recommend having a team of developers & testers handy to solve all the problems your app might be facing. You may not know it, but your app may require some more time in testing. According to reports, over 47% of mobile apps need more testing time. That way, your app can be active & gain good reviews.

Adding New Features in Mobile App

iOS & Android constantly release new updates, and with their strategies, they promote apps that make the perfect use of their latest updates. Features combined with new updates give a strong impression on the app. An essential aspect of post-launch costs are integrating new features & delighting your users which may cost you up to €2,000 – €5,000.


We hope that you have got a roundabout budget on how much does it cost to build an app in 2021 for your project. If you think you have an excellent idea, we’re ready to back up your concept with a reliable & cost-effective model. Do contact us to get your idea validated significantly sooner!

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